What’s On The Menu Of The South Beach Diet?

It is so discouraging to start a new diet program expecting to learn about how to eat healthy and nutritious foods, only to be given a short and not-so-sweet list of foods you are allowed to eat. This leads to boredom and failure in no time.

You will be pleased to learn that this is something that cannot be said about the South Beach Diet. If the question of what you can eat on this diet arises, it would be far quicker to tell you what you cannot eat!

You can still eat the foods you love when you are on the South Beach Diet. The only difference with the South Beach Diet is that you are eating them in a way that is better for you. Let’s say you’re a meat lover. On the South Beach Diet menu, you can still enjoy a delicious steak, just make it a leaner cut and don’t totally pig out.

Examine Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, as this is the most restrictive – and usually the most difficult – part of the diet. You will be surprised to see that many foods you would not expect to eat – the ones other diets make you eliminate – are actually a part of the Phase 1 menu.

For example, you can eat sweets during Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Yes, you read that right. You are allowed to eat up to 75 “sweet” calories per day during Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. You can also eat beef, eggs, low-fat lunch meat, pork, poultry and cheese, as long as it is low-fat or fat-free. And if you’re a seafood lover, the South Beach Diet won’t feel like a diet to you at all, because seafood is allowed – and promoted – on all phases of the diet plan.

One of the reasons the South Beach Diet is so successful, is that you learn how to adapt your own recipes to make them healthier. Phase 1 restricts you to using only canola oil or olive oil, but you will find this actually enhances the taste of your food. You are also advised to use low-fat dairy products during Phase 1, but this is only for two weeks. From that point on, preparing home-cooked meals is a breeze.

Fruits, normal dairy products and grains are re-introduced to your choice of foods during Phase 2 of the diet but you will find your cravings for these are not nearly as strong as previously. By eating food which your body can break down easily your weight will continue to drop, until you have reached your goal.

So when you are deciding which diet to go on and find yourself asking the question “What can I eat on the South Beach diet?” take a minute to look at the basic foods list and you will find all the information you need to get you started and sail through to a healthier way of life, losing excess weight along the way.